Weapon Design and User Interface

Design, Illustration, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting
Date: 02/2012
UI | Weapon Select and Custom Weapon UI | Weapon Pickup and Custom Weapon UI | Weapon Select and Custom Weapon | On Screen UI | Weapon Pickup and Custom Weapon | On Screen

Weapons created as 3D assets for the Uncharted and The Last of Us universes.

The first weapon, a bamboo blowdart tube and feather tipped blowdarts, is displayed in a revamped and upgraded weapon select UI for the Uncharted universe. These items were designed for potential microphone integration in the new Playstation 4 controllers. Players can blow into the microphone in the controller and the input on the microphone will enable the blowdart to be shot. This weapon would be near silent and optimal for taking out enemies at a close distance, but if it misses or the player is too far away and it does not hit the enemy, they become alerted.

The second weapon, a barbed baseball bat, was created for the The Last of Us universe and is displayed in a weapon pick-up prompt.

Created for a pitch to Naughty Dog. In-game application imagery and supplementary weapon design courtesy of Naughty Dog.